Be Prepared For Winter Delivery

Make Sure You’re Prepared for Winter Delivery

Fresh snowfall, snow-covered tree branches and sparkling white landscapes — Buffalo-area winters can be beautiful, but they can also leave us with a buildup of snow and ice on our property. Sometimes, this can make delivering your propane challenging and hazardous. TPS Propane takes safety seriously and you can help ensure safe delivery with these easy tips.

Ongoing maintenance.

During winter, you should remove any snow around your appliance vents on a regular basis, so they remain clear and unobstructed at all times. Ensure snow isn’t piled, plowed, or blown on your tank or cylinders, gas lines, regulators or appliance vents. The additional weight on this equipment may pose an immediate danger.

Use the right tools.

Remember to use extreme caution when removing snow from around tanks, cylinders, gas piping, regulators, and appliance vents. Carefully clear heavy snow until the tank and equipment are visible and avoid using sharp tools or force. Final cleaning should be done with soft tools such as brooms or brushes to ensure no damage to the equipment and components.

Snow removal.

Use extra caution when shoveling snow from your roofs. If there are any propane tanks or cylinders, propane lines, regulators or appliance vents below the area being shoveled, take care to protect them from falling snow.

Clear a path.

During the delivery process, the local driver will carefully park the truck within 100 feet of your tank, pull the propane hose, connect it to the tank and engage the pump. For safe, on-time delivery, clear a path to your tank or cylinders. You may need to use a shovel when getting closer to your tank. Don’t use machinery within 15 feet of propane tanks, cylinders, gas lines, regulators or appliance vents while clearing snow.

Mark your driveway.

Especially important if you have a long or winding driveway, mark the path with stakes to help the driver stay safely on the prepared surface. If the driver can’t see the edge of the path, they risk getting stuck or damaging your lawn.

With clear access to your propane tank, you’ll be sure to have propane for warm and cozy gatherings this season.