Propane Tank Safety

Five Things You Can Do to Keep Your Propane Tank in Top Condition this Winter

During the winter months, it’s important to maintain your propane tank and the area around it. Also, ensure your appliances are working efficiently so you and your family can stay warm. We offer some tips that will help you during the snow season and keep you safe in the process.

Ensure a clear path to your propane tank

Certain weather conditions, such as snow, can fill up your driveway and walkway, making it a challenge for you – or anyone else – to get to your tank. Remember to shovel the path so there is easy access. If you should have a situation where you need to have a service done, and the way is not clear, the delivery team might not be able to help you. This can result in a delayed delivery and rescheduled appointments. This is a change no one should take.

Routinely clean off your tank

When your tank is covered in snow, it becomes a hazard to your home and your family. Covered tanks are unable to release leaking gas, which can cause dangerous build up. The weight of heavy snow may cause your tank to shift out of place and impact its ability to function correctly. This can be prevented by making a habit of brushing snow and debris off your container. Use a broom instead of heavy shovels to avoid creating holes.

Make sure there are no leaks

In addition to clearing off your tank, take a moment to be sure there are no leaks. Leaks are the last thing you want to happen during the winter months. So, inspect your tank regularly. You can check for leaks by pouring warm water and soap on the tank and gas lines, if bubbles appear, this is an indication of a leak. Your technician can give you a more definitive answer, so don’t be afraid to reach out. It’s why we are here.

Remove the potential for damage

Frequently check where snow or ice collect on your roof, structure, or nearby trees and clear it if you believe it might fall on any part of your propane system. Never shovel snow off roofs and onto propane equipment. Heavy accumulations of snow or ice falling on tanks, regulators, meters, piping, or valves may cause damage that could result in a gas leak. Snow or ice accumulation can potentially cause parts of your propane system to crack or break, resulting in a gas leak. It is your responsibility to make sure that all propane pipes, valves, regulators, and tanks are clear of snow and ice.

Make your mark for safety

Mark your tank with a brightly colored stake or flag taller than the maximum anticipated snow depth. Also, mark your secondary pressure regulator or meter. It is usually near the side of your home. It is important to mark your tank and equipment to enable emergency and propane service personnel to locate it at all times.