Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips – Keeping Summer Simple and Safe

Summer is a time you try to think a little less about your propane tank. But you still need to practice caution during the warm summer months. Please follow these important summer propane safety tips:

  1. Do not place a burn barrel or fire pit near your propane tank!
  2. When mowing, keep at least three feet away from the propane tank. Use a weed trimmer around the tank.
  3. Do not chain an animal to the tank.
  4. Keep trees and branches trimmed around tank and driveways.
  5. Don’t forget the summer is a great time to buy propane at discounted rates to keep warm all winter.

Grill the smart way…safely

Propane grills make outdoor cooking as easy as enjoyable. Keep the mood light and the good times rolling with these few propane grilling safety tips:

  1. Follow the grill manufacturer’s instructions. Make the manual your go-to resource!
  2. Position the grill in a safe location. Keep it level and clear of flammables (including overhangs and outdoor furniture).
  3. Check for leaks. Check at the beginning of the season and every time you hook up a new tank.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s proper lighting procedures. Follow the manufacturer’s lighting instructions, and with all grill models, keep the lid open and don’t lean over the grill when lighting it.
  5. Follow proper relighting procedures. Turn off the gas and refer to your owner’s manual. Keep the lid open and wait at least 15 minutes before relighting.
  6. Stay with the grill. Never leave your grill unattended.

Safely transporting propane cylinders for refill

Especially during the summer, propane cylinders are being used to fuel barbecue grills and feed our party guests! When it comes time to bring your propane cylinder to a fill station, or home from one, be sure to do so safely!

Keep it vertical: Propane cylinders are designed with a safety release valve at the top of the tank that will only work properly if the cylinder is kept upright. Use a large cardboard box or wooden crate to prevent the cylinder from rolling around in your car.

Keep it cool: When transporting the propane cylinder, don’t leave it in your car for prolonged periods of time. Propane can be sensitive to heat! Don’t park your car in the sun. If you have to do shopping, make sure the cylinder is the last thing on your list!

Keep it snug: Strap the cylinder in where possible. If you’re storing it in the trunk for transport, be sure to close the trunk slowly so it doesn’t bang against the valve on the cylinder. Provide a barrier to keep other objects in your trunk or your car from sliding around and puncturing the cylinder.

If you’d like to learn more about how to live safely with propane, don’t hesitate to contact TPS Propane. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have, inspect your propane system, and much more. Enjoy the rest of your summer!